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Have you ever dreamed of being the lord of your own manor? Did you think a lordship was a title reserved only for the wealthy and well-to-do? Well you would be wrong as obtaining a lordship and becoming a lord is now hassle free and easily accessible to anyone, and this privilege is not simply reserved for lordship but also ladyship.

A lordship is the perfect way to show your respect, gratitude and love for someone in your life and it is a truly unique gift idea. It will last a lifetime and really make that special someone's day when they are given their lordship.

The title lord is applicable to prince's, feudal superior's and the peerage of the UK but now you can be part of this elite by obtaining a lordship.

A number of people after obtaining their lordship will use their title on official documents such as driving licenses, credit cards and bank accounts, as well as demanding to be addressed by the official title a lordship grants you with. As a legal title, having a lordship allows you these perks, as well as personalising stationery to exhibit your new title.

History of Lordship

The history of lordship arose during the English medieval system, shortly after the Normal Conquest. A lordship is known, not as an aristocratic peerage, but rather a legal and fully recognised feudal honour. There are a number of companies on the internet offering this amazing honour of lordship, however there are numerous companies offering you various other titles as well as Scottish lordship, or “lairdship”, with a number of these companies giving you a piece of land which is yours to commence your lordship over.

Having a lordship or ladyship and being a lord or lady can open many opportunities to your life. In business you will command more respect with your lordship title. In your personal life people will see you as more than what you were with your esteemed title and having a lordship can also be advantageous to your love life, as it is a rare and impressive title to have. With so much to benefit you and competitive prices from the companies offering this service, it is amazingly easy to purchase a lordship. It makes a great present for the ones you love or just a treat to boost your self-esteem, which is something everyone needs this day and age.

Having a lordship is something that makes you feel special and respected and this reflects in people's attitudes towards you. Although not a member of the aristocracy, having a lordship grants you VIP treatment and allows you join the ranks of some of the elite the United Kingdom has to offer. Browse around a discover your perfect package for your lordship and treat yourself to something special, you're guaranteed to wow your friends, or just purchase one for someone close to you and watch their face light up with their new special title and watch as their life transforms for the better, all thanks to your special gift.